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AF series

The oil mist collector AOF is specifically designed for machine tools and developed for the elimination of mist, smoke and odors typical of wet machining operation in metal cutting applications. With its small and compact sizes the AOF integrates perfectly with the machine tools design.


  1. Patented conical filter technology.
  2. Large selection of capacities.
  3. The AOF series has a complete line the dedicated accessories for installation on machine tools.
  4. To eliminate odor and VOC, the filter cells can be regenerated simple by replacing the carbon.
  5. Requires far less maintenance or filter replacements than existing technology.
  6. Price competitive with foreign manufacturers.
  7. Its clogging is monitored with a pressure gauge.
  8. Filter life is about 1 to 3 years.
  9. Filtration Module: HEPA removal efficiency eliminates dry smoke, typical of certain applications where straight oil is utilized.
  10. CARBON Filtration Module: activated carbon filtration (optional).
  11. Easy-to Read Gauge: Indicates normal operation and when filter elements need maintenance.

Various types of machines and tools
NC/CNC lathes, multi-purpose lathes, machining centers, NC milling cutters, milling cutters, gear hobbing machines, grinding machines, automatic lathes, drill presses, broaching machines, transfer machines, gun drills.

Molding machines
Die-casting machines, injection molding machines (resins), large presses.

Additional applications
Molding equipment, quenching machines, induction shrink fit equipment, rolling mills, rolling machines, header units, nut formers, lens chamfering, lens grinding, ceramic processing, glass processing, washer units, coating equipment, air blowers, for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products.