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High Rigid and Precise Lathe
- Conventional control type
- Inverter control type

MA series


MA-17 x 550mm~1000mm
MA-18 x 1000mm~2000mm
MA-21/25 x 1000mm~3000mm
MA-30/33 x 1600mm~6100mm
MA-42/50 x 1700mm~7200mm

Features of Inverter Type


Braking is controlled by inverter for quick stopping operation.

Constant spindle speed in combination with the use of cross slide lever for feeding is similar to constant Surface Speed (C.S.S.) function. This function provides cutting accuracy and speed for side facing on a round plate.

When performing step turning by using automatic cross feed, the automatic speed change combined with cross feed will greatly increase efficiency.


3 ranges of spindle speeds combined with variable speeds.

Automatic speed change by electronic control.

Turning process control is more convenient than that of conventional lathe.

Spindle speed is displayed on the RPM meter.