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PC-Technology-Based Lathe

FB-14/16 series



  1. Intel Pentium PC based processor
  2. DSP Motion Control
  3. 8MB DRAM for fast access
  4. Digital AC servo system
  5. Icon based programming
  6. 12.1" TFT active matrix color display
  7. 8GB (min) hard drive, 1.44 MB floppy disk
  8. Ethernet LAN option
  9. Infinite threading range
  10. Multiple start threading
  11. Constant surface speed (CSS)
  12. Graphical program creation
  13. SO G-Code programs with conversational help
  14. Draw graphics With multiple views
  15. Simple Command Interface (SCI) for manual turning of Radius, Chamfer, Taper, Face, Turn, Arc
  16. Blueprint programming
  17. Extensive canned cycles
  18. Software in 7 languages
  19. Off-line software for PC availabl

Fagor 8040 TC

  1. Powerful industrial high speed CPU for lathe applications.
  2. 11" Full-key color/mono LCD
  3. Up to 1Mb of user RAM memory (standard with 256Kb)
  4. Software in 12 languages
  5. Digital servos interface (Fagor DDS is necessary)
  6. A fully optocoupled serial line RS-232C of up to 115,200 baud
  7. DNC
  8. Solid Grapic