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Conversational CNC Control

BM series

Bed Mill with MATCHMAKER-M83 CNC
Low Cost CNC & User Friendly Control

MATCHMAKER-M83 + User Friendly Control System:

  1. This makes the BM Series the perfect choice for those new to CNC Also for the workshop that's looking to modernize or expand. It's capabilities High speed machining has never been more affordable.
  2. This system can be converted to the traditional manual DRO hand wheel mode. All three axes are equipped with AC absolute positioning servo motors to achieve position accuracy, also maintain axes positions forever in the manual hand wheel operation.
  3. USB interface allows users to download large 3D ISO G codes generated by CAM to the controller, then execute without extra steps. (Opt.)


Ether CAT controller
TCPU host unit
10.4 inch color touch screen
Multi-function hand wheel
Multi-function button
Emergency stop lock switch
Milling machine can cycle
2.5 D milling graphical dialogue
ESPU I/O unit (Opt.)


The simple graphic exhibit the shape of the part, the preset canned cycles simplify the operational procedures.
Each milling object has four different optional sets of parameters to define the potential variations.

The Graphic guided system allows the operator to input geographic parameters as well as the desired machining parameters to the controller and also use the built-in user friendly canned cycle operations.