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The foundation of VIC Machine Tools as a company was laid in 1953 when C.Y. Wang senior, and afterwards his son Victor Wang, established L&W Machine Tools, Inc. as a name for global marketing company in Taichung city in 1996.
The company has grown steadily, fulfilling the work ethic which accompanied every project. The dedication to, and the achievement of manufacturing enviable levels of high precision PC-based CNC machine tools for the Toolrooms, die & Mould Making, Prototyping and Production industries.

The demanding standards required to maintain high production efficiency have been incorporated into the organization by management through to all levels of personnel. L&W Machine Tools, Inc. has a desire to be recognized as the most progressive and forward thinking builder of PC-based machine tools. This goal has demand constant development of staff and technological innovation to keep pace with customers' requirement.

The backbone of all Research & Development at L&W Machine Tools, Inc. has always been the machine development and electronic application abilities, along with machine design and fabricating skills which have been utilized to provide solutions for die & mould making, toolrooms prototype and production industries.

All business activities are recorded, monitored, analyzed and controlled via a computer network system within the company’s global marketing office and date produced is used for management decision making and problem solving.

"Maximum freedom means maximum productivity", this is the management policy in L&W Machine Tools, Inc. The flexible working hours, share participation system…. etc have all been offered to our employees.

L&W Machine Tools has s simple ethos. We set out to make affordable, comprehensive, and reliable quality machine tools which will meet the demands of most of your applications.

With your need in mind, we have developed different type of CNC machines, such as: machining centers, lathe and milling machines are utilized modern control system marking them on of most sophisticated and flexible systems available today.

You will find our craftsmanship is superb and our construction sturdy and reliable. We build every machine system to perform for years of steady use. Our experience, ability, and price go into every machine that we build.

All machine supplied have a one-year warranty, covering defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty provides free services, including parts and expert advice. For machines out of warranty, we also provide prompt repair at a reasonable cost.